A Rumba to Remember

This video was made for us as a closure to a big journey full of creative moments, funny moments, hard working days (and nights), a lot of smiles-some tears too- but it was an amazing period of our lives. The two of us working so well as a couple, from practicing to performing or competing, we enjoyed it all. The third person in our group is Iliana Iliadou, our teacher, choreographer, coach, mentor, sister, brother, mother!! We created so many sweet memories together lasting for a lifetime!!
This song was the first rumba we had to dance to as a couple 10 years ago (as teenagers). Most parts of the choreography were made by Iliana Iliadou back at that time.
A huge thank you to Annika Kalaitzidou for making this dress and many more through these years.
Iakovos Ioannidis is behind the camera and the editing.. So we do not need to say more about it, we just hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.
Thank you Logothetis family for giving us your house to film part of our video!
Thank you Olga Pistofidou and Athina Siamidou for being there and helping out on the days of the shooting!! :)

This is our rumba. A way to hold on to some amazing dance memories!!

Thank you for watching!
Kalli & Thanos
(Or Thana & Kallos!!)